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Have you ever wondered what other pilates instructors and studio owners are doing to grow their pilates training business?

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel as the demands of teaching pilates and being a success mount?

Or have you even wished you could connect with the very best and just get a blueprint for how to run a profitable Pilates Training studio?

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ThePilatesBiz is a resource for you to obtain over a decade worth of pilates training business expertise and how to become A Pilates Instructor all compiled in a bite-size, easy-to-implement system.  I will continually add to this site (so check back often!), sharing exactly what I have done and continue to do in my own Pilates Instructor studio.  You will also get dozens of proven strategies used by successful Pilates entrepreneurs all over the world that are guaranteed to catapult your business.

Your feedback is always welcome and I encourage you to comment with your questions, compliments, concerns or simply to say “Hello!”  The Pilates Training industry is in dire need of more collaboration and information sharing is one way we can unite and support each other.

It is important for me to declare that it is assumed you have invested in yourself first through your own regular Pilates practice; for how can you teach something you don’t yet know or have experience with?

Let me teach you how to fill your classes!

Another – and even more important assumption being made – is that you have also invested in your pilates education and completed the very best program you can find and afford.  The information shared here is simply the next layer upon your education and one I wish I had available to me through the years as I struggled to figure it all out.  This is the place for valuable tools as you grow your pilates business while you evolve as a pilates training teacher, and also to help you live your life and passion to the fullest.

I’ve put together a special report for you that will give you 9 proven strategies that you can start using to grow your pilates instructor business today.  It’s my free gift to you – just let me know where to send it! Enter your name and email below and I’ll send you your free pilates report instantly. Joseph Pilates has helped millions and now it’s your turn to help others.

I hope you enjoy your pilates journey as much as I have!

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