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It takes years to hone your skills to become a pilates instructor, but you can still be the best – even if you are the new kid on the block!

When I was working to become a pilates instructor, I knew that I was not yet the best teacher in town, but I figured out that there were many areas where I could be the very best and I used this knowledge to my advantage.

I had the best referral program, the best customer service, the best “perks” (snacks, water, towels, etc.) and knew that I was providing the best VALUE in town.

How To Become A Pilates Instructor


This ultimately led to some of the best retention while I was still working on becoming the very best pilates teacher I could be. Instead of worrying about how green I was when working to become a pilates instructor, I focused on strengths I knew my business could have easily and exploited those, and eventually my teaching caught up.

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