Pilates Training…

that Can Help Grow Your Business!

Instructor Utilizing Her Pilates Training As a pilates instructor or studio owner, obtaining regular pilates training is crucial if you want to provide your clients the best instruction possible.

But unfortunately, most training programs can’t help you answer your most urgent questions about how to be a success and grow your business.


➤ How can I make my pilates services more profitable?
➤ What’s the best way to manage all my clients?
➤ Where can I find more customers?
➤ How can I afford to hire staff when I’m barely bringing in enough money to cover my own bills?
➤ What are the best ways to advertise pilates?

Sound familiar?

Pilates instructors and studio owners like yourself are struggling with these issues every day. And no matter how much pilates training you’ve invested in, those courses probably haven’t taught you a thing about business.

That’s why ThePilatesBiz offers a different kind of training – pilates marketing and business training! We offer a complete, duplicable system that allows any pilates instructor to implement the same profit-building strategies used by the most successful studio owners. If they can do it, you can too!

Why Regular Pilates Training Isn’t Enough

The simple fact is: you could spend your entire life mastering pilates (as some do), but that doesn’t mean you will automatically be successful.

Yes, ongoing training is absolutely necessary for any instructor to continue. But if you want to live your dream of being a success, then you need to master your business skills too!

What regular pilates training is good for:

➔ Instruction for Pilates exercises
➔ How to integrate & use different types of equipment
➔ Basic and advanced mat exercises
➔ How to improve your technique and cueing skills
➔ How to structure a lesson or class
➔ Ways to improve your teaching ability and so on

As you already know, this type of training is focused entirely on the fitness side. Your clients may now get the conditioning they need – but YOUR business knowledge and skill goes nowhere.

What regular pilates training WON’T teach you:

➔ How to get more pilates clients who pay you happily
➔ How to use social media to market your pilates services
➔ How to conduct customer service properly and fairly
➔ How to keep more of your customers coming back, week after week, year after year
➔ How to set up and manage systems in your business more efficiently
➔ How to obtain the time & financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of

Starting to see the difference? Running a successful pilates business requires a completely different type of commitment. Aside from being Get Pilates Training From The Experts dedicated to becoming a better teacher, you must devote ample time and energy to learn about The Pilates Biz.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry – you’re not alone! All over the world, there are thousands of pilates instructors like yourself who are working tirelessly to achieve their dreams. Most of them will inevitably fail, simply because they don’t have the tools or resources necessary for success as a pilates instructor or studio owner.

ThePilatesBiz was created to reverse this trend. It’s packed with over a decade’s worth of valuable pilates training business expertise – all condensed into one, easy-to-navigate site. And the best part is … you can put these proven strategies to work for your business immediately.

What You’ll Find at ThePilatesBiz

- Free Tips & Advice from Other Pilates Studio Owners
To be successful in this industry, you MUST follow the footsteps of those who have already achieved success. You can try doing it on your own through “trial and error,” but that could cost you years of work and tens of thousands of dollars.

Why do it the harder and longer way when I will share this powerful training resource for your business with you for free?

- A Complete Step-By-Step System for Running Your Business
Much of what you need to run a profitable Pilates business is right here, on this site. But if you want even more and would like personal support – it’s all available to you in a single easy-to-implement system called Profit with Pilates.

These tools are a must-have for any pilates instructor – and they’ve been fine-tuned and proven by the most successful studio owners in the industry.

- Strategies for Implementing the Best Referral Programs
Word of mouth is everything! Whether you’re a part-time instructor or a full-time studio owner, you MUST use a referral program if you want to spread the word about your business.

The pilates training you’ll find at ThePilatesBiz will teach you the easiest and most effective ways to implement a referral program that drives more clients to you, week after week, month after month.

- An Entire Community of Pilates Instructors Like You
Our community of Pilates instructors is growing by the day. Through the ThePilatesBiz.com and  our active Facebook Page, you’ll find stories and tips from so many other people in our industry, around the world.

Aside from all the business-focused training, this community resource is invaluable. We encourage you to submit your own stories, learn from others, and connect with other pilates instructors as often as possible.

Have a look around the site, take advantage of all the resources available, and make a commitment to growing your Pilates business this year!

Learn more about ThePilatesBiz’s Business-Focused Pilates Training.